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Revealed: 5 Logo Design Styles, A Free Logo Maker Software Can Help You to Create

Revealed: 5 Logo Design Styles, A Free Logo Maker Software Can Help You to Create

A great logo is an integral part of every successful business.  It is not only the face of your business but also its era of creation. Thus, you should consider using a logo design style which is relevant to your business. A great design style will provide a quick visual representation of the message of your business. Let’s have a clear view of logo design styles that free logo maker software can help you create:


Do you want your business to become noticeable? Or does your company have a lengthy name? Wordmarks, which works well with companies with distinctive names, will help you in this. Free logo maker software has simple logo design which enables you to create a memorable name for your company.


Lettermarks are similar to wordmarks in that they are a font based logo that uses business initials. They work well for companies with hard to pronounce or long names. It becomes easier for customers to remember initials than long names. Also, it enables you to use different fonts and colors which will create strong brand recognition and bring out your products and services to customers.


You can use symbols as a logo instead of a text. It is an image or a hand-drawn figure that expresses ideas about your company. Using symbols can be an ideal way of conveying who you are and what you do.  Also, you can use symbols or icons if your company name is significant and cannot be well abbreviated.

Emblem logos

Are you looking for a more compatible logo design? The emblem will enable you to position a text inside a symbol or an icon. This design can work well for you if your company name is short.  The emblem is common in schools and public organization as well as private businesses especially those in food and beverage industry.

Combination marks

Combination marks are the most popular in organizations. They express the name of your company and at the same time a visual symbol. It can work for all types of businesses. The combination is more complex to design effectively. Hence, you should consider free logo software to help you with this.


To develop a visual brand, you have to know the design that will work well for your business. An attractive logo design brings your brand to recognition. The above styles are some of the best designs which can make your business stand out from competitors.

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